Guess what? This page is all about me.

This blog, my baby, was an impulse decision and never did I think it would get to where it is now, nor do I really know how far I want to progress it!

Specifically, this is a Career orientated blog, with tips and ramblings from my own experience. I want to eventually create a go to blog which encapsulates all of my experiences and lessons learnt since I had my first ever job aged 14.

From job applications, interviews and coping with crazy co-workers and bitchy bosses, I want this blog to cover it all. Also, newly added is a section where you can contact me directly, almost like an Agony Aunt, where I can support you in your job search and journey! Hopefully you guys can learn from my experience, but, also I hope this can be a platform to bounce ideas around and all learn tips and support each other!

I am no writer. I am, however, a 22 year old BSc Psychology Graduate (2:1) and Marketing Enthusiast. I am not a career expert, but have pulled pints and worked the shop-floor amongst other things in the past. I am also incredibly passionate about Office Politics and Occupational Psychology!

Aside from that I am a MASSIVE Foodie, Yogi, Gym Bunny, Lingerie Lover, Ibiza Fan, Mojitio Drinker, Caffine Addict & I Constantly Dream of Travelling the World!

My Goals > Own a 6 Figure Salary, Strut in 6 Inch Heels & Date a Guy With a 6 Pack! A Girl Can Dream, Right?

This is my FIRST EVER BLOG! I hope you enjoy reading it & would love to hear your experience & feedback, so share, like & comment!

Follow me on Social Media & Connect with me on Linkedin,

Good Luck in your Job Hunt!

For all enquiries & collaborations¬†refer to my ‘Work With Me’ page.

Love CareerGirl xo


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